Jan 13, 2009

If you love dogs...

Finally, my list has evolved into a real post! (I'm sure the wait was just killing you...) For those that know me, you know that my dog is my child. So I'm pretty well versed in the dog stuff arena. These are some of our most favorite dog things.

Please know that Nola has never been a chewer. During her puppy stages I waited and waited for her to get to the dreaded chewing stage and it never happened. So when you're looking at toys, keep in mind that she hasn't destroyed a thing, therefore I cannot vouch for the product in that regard (unless I make note of it by experience from my sister's ginormous beast (aka great dane Titan)).

Nola has approved each of these items, hope you enjoy!

1) First on my list is ironically the most recent of our purchases. The Everlasting Treat Ball is a half ball that has two sections where you can put treats. It comes with a treat that fits into the top and the dog has to work very hard to figure a way to get the prize. Nola spent over an hour working on this last night. It's great because if you can't afford the pricey refills you can simply fill the opposite side with other types of treats or your dog's kibble. This comes in three sizes, we have the medium sized variety. I think I paid a nauseating $16 for it but if it lasts, it's worth it because it kept Nola busy for a nice, long time!

2) Nylabones! I feel like this is such a given but I'm always amazed at how many people really don't know about Nylabones! Seriously, how can you not know?! Anyway, Walmart has the best prices on these. You can get the largest durable (chicken flavored) size there for $7. It's more than $13 at Petsmart. Target also has them a little cheaper. Whatever you do, be sure that you do NOT get the puppy bones for a dog that has ANY adult teeth. Also be careful because the flexible chews will come apart. I'd only recommend those for senior dogs.

3) Don't laugh... they resemble infant toys but Petstages has a great selection of developmentally appropriate dog toys. Nola has quite a few of these. Tuesday Morning often has them 60% off and I've been able to get a few there. Target also carries the brand. I highly recommend the red puppy if you have a new puppy in your house. The orka rope toy is also great. Nola LOVES all of her Petstages toys.

4) By far the girl's favorite outdoor activity (aside from tromping in the pond) is the Dogobie. She won't touch regular frisbees but adores this one. It's light, easy to pick up and carry, and it floats! We've lost a couple in the pond so I keep a back up at the house. Target also has a similar product by Aerobie. They've marketed it as a frisbee but it's the exact same thing, and has some sparkles! We've not tried this but may grab a pink one!

5) I'll divulge a secret... if you've never heard of PetEdge, let me help you out! It's the BEST place to order anything for your dog (or cat!). They have all sorts of things at WHOLESALE price! It's where I order a lot of my supplies because it's cheap. The only catch is you have to spend $60 minimum. This works for me because I buy my poop bags from them. At $3.99 for 100 per box, you really can't beat it! Petsmart sells similar bags for $11.99 (120ct). PetEdge also has the best prices on both durable AND edible Nylabones. They also carry Zanies brand toys for super pricing!

6) Fresh & Clean makes the best shampoo ever! Please don't use human shampoo on your pet. Shampoos are specially formulated with different pH levels and humans and dogs have differences there. Our favorite F & C is the oatmeal and baking soda formula. It makes Nola's fur silky and soft. The scent doesn't last nearly as long as the original scent but it's worth the silkiness!

7) Nordic Naturals Omega 3 oils are the best. I add some to Nola's food and it makes her coat soft and her skin less irritated.

8) Silverfoot has the coolest collars around! Their prints are hip and look great on most breeds.

9) RuffWear also makes great products. I'm a fan of the 5' rope leash because 6' is too long for us and 4' is just too short. It's thick so when her legs get tangled it's not as painful as a smaller flat leash. I also use a martingale that I keep attached to the carabiner on this one. If you try this leash (whether you keep it attached to a martingale to slip on and off or you clip and unclip each time), be sure to check the screw latch on the biner as it is easily unclipped at times.

10) The Art of Raising a Puppy (Monks of New Skete), The Dog Bible, (Tracie Hotchner) Food Pets Die For, The Loved Dog (Tamar Geller), and are among my most favorite go-to dog books. Each is amazing and I feel better about the decisions I make for Nola because of these. That sounds really cheesy, I know... I told you I was a little obsessed with her! I'm sure when I have my own children (i.e. the two-legged variety), I'll become obsessed with them and not so much my puppy, until then, I'm just having fun with my girl! Umm, one more thought on this one, I am going to start buying all of my books from Amazon, these are great prices. I wish I'd known....

For more fun dog things, tune into Nola's blog!
(And for the record, I started writing this on 12/23 so...I really have been working on it!)


brittany said...

Ok....for the record Titan just loves to destroy stuffed animals. The other toys I just failed to take away from him in a timely manner. What can I say...he likes to get his/my money's worth on toys! And you can't just blame Titan, fluffy tail Roxy is just as destructive. She just knows how to hide the evidence better.

Ann said...

You've helped me out Gin!
Thank you!

Karlei said...

Nyla bones are great. My dogs love them and they last forever. My dogs don't chew on most things they're not suppose to, but they love Nyla bones; or Nola bones as we call 'em at our house.

Angela said...

Great list! I tried to leave a comment on Nola's blog but it wouldn't let me access it.

I will add her blog to Baylor's blog roll.

Nice to meet you!

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