Jan 26, 2009

Game Night!

Saturday was game night... a previously weekly event that will now officially be monthly. We used to play dominoes every weekend but let's face it people, these are the days of Wii. Thanks Kuz for bringing the Wii! Wii/e were happy to play! haha (That's a joke for anyone who didn't see the first Wii commercial.)

It really was fun though. We did the fit test then played a ball game where you balance this ball on a platform and get it in a hole, then we skied and snowboarded, and we also played a bubble game but it was hard so we didn't play it long. Skiing was the favorite. (I think.) K wanted to play the car driving game but we decided on Balderdash so cars were tabled for next month.
Pizza, Mmm!

Nola found herself a treat...


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I just got my WiiFit last week. I'm hoping it helps! At least it's fun.

car games said...

Are you sure that was Dewayne Wise?

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