Jan 7, 2009

Works-For-Me Wednesday - Potty

I'm going out on a limb today for the people who read the WFMW series. And I say it that way because as a single gal with no children this post may seem a little odd. However, what's important to note here is that for a little over 12 years, I babysat lots of children and was a nanny to two for several years. When I say "nanny" I mean that I was at their house for more than 6 hours per day on most days of the week. They were great kids and I had a lot of fun. My role was often that of a mom so I often picked up all sorts of mom-like habits and thoughts. Bare with me here...

I also worked at a children's boutique in college and worked with lots of parents. It was a small boutique and we had a very devoted customer base so it wasn't uncommon to form relationships with these women.

One of these customers had a son, Andrew, who was around age 2 at the time. Now, we had a restroom in the store that was so cute and the most child friendly thing ever, minus the tiny toilet, but that's another post(!) -- I can remember once when Andrew had to go "potty" and instead of going to the store's bathroom, he was rushed outside. Now, I'm thinking, seriously, a tree?! But his mom had a small training potty in the back of her van and that's where Andrew was used to going when they weren't at home.

Isn't that genious?! Maybe this is my lack of true parenting experience and it's written somewhere in a mommy book that this is something you do but I was amazed at this idea! Being with my kids all day and carting them around (they were 19mos and infant at the time I started and 5 and 4 when I left) left me in limbo many times. What a perfect solution! And since I'm a total germaphobe this was the greatest solution ever!

So there you have it, my Works-For-Me Wednesday post for moms, from a girl-who-thinks-this-is-the-coolest-idea-ever-but-has-no-children-other-than-an-adorable-21-month-old-little-brown-dog (that is completely potty-trained!). ;)

By the way, Emily over at Chatting at the Sky wrote a really cool four-part piece about babysitters, I'd encourage anyone who uses babysitters to check it out! Be sure to read the comment section for more discussion!

For more tips, check out Shannon's blog!


Kristi J said...

Thanks for your comment!! And, yes, I potty train all my kids by carrying the stinky "kid" potty around in my suburban for weeks or months...That way, I don't have to stop at gross bathrooms and rush all kids inside to let one use the restroom and then we all end up sick...I do have my kids use cute little pottys in cute boutiques though :) They seem safe...and the wait for Baby Lucy Lane is actually enjoyable..I'm having fun being at the top of the list knowing it could come any day...Holding out another month would just prolong the suspense which is ok with me :) Thanks for stopping by, kristi

Wani said...

I think there is a hidden rule somewhere. jk

Blue Castle said...

Wish I would've thought of this when my kids were little. Truly a great idea. This would save so much hassle and fuss. :)

jacker said...

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