Dec 18, 2008

Good Things

I still have Christmas errands to run, bows to tie, cookies to bake, and antlers to find! Did I mention laundry to wash? Thanks to the Works-For-Me Wednesday series I learned about unhooking my dryer from the wall. Long story short, my builder is a complete and utter moron and my dryer vent takes too many 90* turns from the dryer to the exterior wall where it should vent. So... for the last 7 years my dryer has run ohhh about 8-10 cycles (yes, that's almost 11 hours) to dry ONE load of laundry because the dryer can't (no dryer can...) push the heat out so the condensation builds and thus the clothes stay wet in the dryer. Thankfully mom lives close by and I've been carting wet clothes to her house to dry them. But that's a pain when it's freezing or pouring down rain. (But thanks Mom!)

Thanks to Christine's brilliant post, I went to Lowe's, bought a bucket, patched the sides with pantyhose and made my own vent. And guess what, it makes my laundry room really cozy! So, thanks Christine!

I made sure to put lots and lots of duct tape around the hole in the wall though. We all remember the Mr. Squeakers incident. And by the way, I am not sure he really existed. I bought a live capture trap and filled it with cheese and peanut butter but no Mr. Squeakers. Never heard of again, no left over droppings, no more squeaking, nada. So... we're still on the look out but I'm hoping he left when he heard me scream. :) And that's okay with me. I like him better when he's away.

Be sure to think of me when you're washing and drying your clothes. You just don't know how good you have it. Meanwhile, I'm having to run the dehumidifier while the dryer vents in the house because I have poorly installed windows so the moron builder had to buy me a dehumidifier so mold wouldn't grow.... don't even get me started there. Just know that my house is super warm from the dryer vent and the huge dehumidifier that is running nonstop. If you're chilly, stop by, we'll warm you up in no time! And bring your dirty clothes while I'm still on the laundry high!

Til tomorrow...

PS, send some up and keep your fingers crossed... Caveman's flight is due tomorrow evening but an awfully big snow storm is heading its way to Boston so his flight may be bumped to Saturday (boo!).

Peace out!


Christine said...

I really am sooooooooo happy that you found a solution. Nothing worse than have a whole friggin' appliance that doesn't do its job!

MizTremblay said...

especially when it's not really even the appliance's fault!

Sandra said...

Here in Uganda clothes dry outside - or inside slowly! But clothes dried outside must be ironed in case some pesky fly decides to lay eggs in the wet clothes. Trust me in this!

Just an interesting note - there are few clotheslines - people use bushes, fences and at times even the ground.

~K~ said...

Girl, I am so glad you have finally found a fix. I haven't heard the best of things about that builder; even from others who have bought his homes. You know my laundry room is always open to you anytime. And you get to play with puppies while you're there!

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