Dec 8, 2008

My day

Did I mention that my house has been overtaken by two large beasts? My sister is on her honeymoon so I have doggy daycare til Friday. Whew. These are the most high maintenance dogs ever! Titan poops six (6!) times a day, Roxy has pooped in the house twice because she's used to being walked 15-20 minutes before she poops (which I don't do, sorry for having other things going on), and neither of them know what it means to settle down.

My sweet Nola on the other hand poops three times a day and has the smallest, perfectly shaped poop pieces, cuddles, plays on her own, and is quiet. Always. Roxy brought me a nightlight yesterday. She'd been chewing on it. Great.

Titan has destroyed two toys, luckily they were his own. I hid Nola's. I know him well. They bark if they hear anything and it's so loud that my head has been throbbing for the last three hours. These two beasts are also used to going out to poop (yep, again, that makes time #7 for Titan) sometime in between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 AM. That also does not happen at my house. Thankfully they have been wonderful in their crates at night, and they smell good because I gave them a bath yesterday. They are great dogs but when you're used to one, it's not quite a walk in the park.

***(One really great thing I've learned having Titan here is that because he was Nola's first buddy ever (aside from her littermates of course), she isn't food aggressive with him! They've actually shared licking a spoon and a bowl together! This is a HUGE thing!!!)

What I wanted to sit on the couch and enjoy tonight:

But that didn't happen because of Roxy's incessant barking (She's baby gated in the kitchen in case she poops on the floor again, and because Nola had had enough of her barking and was starting to become agitated. Not a good thing.).

The giant has been relatively good tonight (so far).

Meanwhile, poor Nola took refuge.

Dinner was homemade macaroni, Mmm...

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