Dec 6, 2008

Christmas Tree!

My tree is finally done! I had to go out and buy new lights because *someone* (mom!) borrows a strand every year and I was down to only two strands. It's a small tree but it still needs lights! I also have a Charlie Brown tree by the front door. It was a pity purchase because it was the saddest little tree... at $8 I thought it would be cute with lights, so it's on the porch.

(I have *no* idea what is on TV and I make no comment about the basket full of Nola toys by the fireplace, which was on by the way, not sure why you can't see the flames. Oh well. It was a nice scene!)

Hope everyone has their tree up and decorated! Christmas will be here in no time!

(By the way, if you look very closely you'll see a blue sweater ornament that has fallen down, kudos if you saw it before I pointed it out! It's fixed now...)

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