Dec 27, 2008

You've got to be kidding me

D's flight should be arriving in about 30 minutes. Is it? Of course NOT. First, it was a 20 minute delay because the crew wasn't there. Then it was an hour delay because of something maintenance related. Now, heaven only knows what is going on.

The flight should have left at 8:30. Then at 8:50, then at 9:50. They haven't told anyone anything. What gives?

Delta is out, they messed up flights last week; American isn't showing any more promise after today, but let the record show that the JetBlue flight boarded and TOOK OFF at their regularly scheduled time of 9:30 AM. One day, I'll post about how much I love JetBlue. They always hook me up. And they have the best snacks. But most of all, they actually KEEP their schedules.

Text just in: We're boarding.
Well, we'll see what happens next. The fact that people are actually getting ON the plane is a good sign but still means nothing to me.... Maybe I'll make my way to the airport and see what happens in an hour and a half. I'll take a book and directions to REI. At least if it DOESN'T happen I'll be entertained for a little while. I could always teach Nola some tricks. ;)

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