Dec 10, 2008

Challenge Update

Why haven't I posted about the challenge? Well... let's see, Monday: great. Tuesday: Great. Wednesday: it all went down hill. See, I realized that Britt and Ben would be staying with me Friday night when they returned from the Cayman Islands and my guest room was a mess. (Read: DISASTER!) I didn't have time last weekend to get the ridiculously-expensive-piece-of-foam-strip that you put in between two twin beds to make a king sized bed, so I did that yesterday.

Well...then it occurred to me that I didn't have king sized sheets. Yep, went to Linens 'N Things and bought a set for $22.00 on top of my $14.99 ridiculously-expensive-piece-of-foam-strip. So.... safe to say, challenge is corrupt. It was a nice thought. And did I mention that I bought a Hershey bar at the grocery store? I needed a little pick-me-up after I realized I'd broken the rules.

I called D to tell him about my mishap with the challenge. His response, "Oh, well I had a coffee on Tuesday." WHAT?! Yeah... nice. Thanks for telling me on TUESDAY... After I so politely refused a homemade (HOMEMADE) cookie from the most awesome baker at our office.

Awesome baker: "Cookie?"
Me: "Can't, thanks."
Awesome baker: "Really, are you okay?"
Me: "Yeah, D and I are doing a $1/day challenge and we also can't have sugar."
Awesome baker: "Hm, well are you suuuuurrre, I made them last night..."
Me: "Uhuh... come find me next week, bring fudge."

So, yeah. I turned down only the BEST cookies ever and he had COFFEE?! Crap. It made me want to go find a coke. I'll wait. I do have some self control.

What we did realize with this little mini challenge though, is that we really didn't need to spend much money. I did buy some crackers for $.60 on Monday because I had a headache from the beastly puppies and needed something to take a giant 800mg ibuprofen with... otherwise, I spent no money.

We decided that we'll do a real challenge sometime in January and we'll limit ourselves to spending $10 at the grocery store on food for the week. Or something like that. It may change. Who knows...

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