Dec 11, 2008

My Day

So I'm not even sure where to begin with my day. This whole week has been a whirlwind really. Of fur, of poop, and oh, by the way, 300lbs of dog. So it occurs to me that yesterday was the day Nola was due for her flea stuff. You know, that completely disgusting liquid you squirt on the back of their neck. Of course I forgot about it because I was out getting that ridiculously-expensive-piece-of-foam-strip and sheets, etc...

So, I wake up and after everyone had eaten their breakfast, had pooped (twice for some), and was settled, I grabbed the packet of liquid and headed into the bedroom with Nola. The bedroom is the only room in the house to have light in the mornings so it's where all of our getting ready magic happens. Nola had to get ready for the day too and that included flea stuff.

I opened the foil pack first. She hears this and tries to dart under the bed. I catch her and swoop her on top of the bed (it will be easier if she's not on the ground since I'm still only half awake). She starts shaking. Great. What's new... this is so typical, I lie there for a minute and enjoy the snuggling. As I'm trying to figure out how to do this without her panicking (again), I wrap my entire body around her. I first tossed my right leg over her back then slowly curled up on top of her. She realized at that point what was going on and started flailing about. Right. Stop! As I reach for the tube that is now out of the apparently scary foil pack she tosses her head up and it hits my chin.
As my chin is bumped it has forced my top lip into my teeth and I've bitten my lip. Thanks Nola. I could feel it swelling but really thought nothing of it. Her flea stuff had been applied and she was now enjoying apple treats.
Then I hear something coming from the sunroom. Roxy's crate. I open the crate door and see dog + black chunks. She's eaten her water bowl. Fabulous! Get dog out, clean crate, put dog back in, throw away plastic chunks, head to shower.
After showering and dressing and readying for the day, I hear another noise from the sunroom. Roxy is now throwing up pieces of water bowl that she ingested. Why am I surprised? Grab the vomit rag, baby wipes, and carpet cleaner. Clean the dog, clean the crate, clean the floor.

Head back into the bedroom to finish getting ready, lip is really swollen and red. Run to the kitchen, grab ice. As I'm standing there drying my hair sucking on this ice cube, Nola decides she needs the ice. Jumping dog at my mouth. Why is this so difficult?

I'm ready to go now.

Did I mention that it's been raining all day?

In the car, I check my lip; it's black. "Yes, I did get beat up, thanks for asking."
Finally able to relax at work (who says that?!) I start what feels like should be the end of a day.

You'd think the day would be over right? I headed home around noon thirty and started poop duty (or should it be doody?). One at a time (in the rain) we went outside. Everyone pooped, highlight of my day!!! Sad. Back inside I decided to make mini pizza for lunch. Bagels, check. Sauce, check. Cheese, got that too. Put those in the toaster oven and got water for each dog. Timer dinged, ran to get food, heard Roxy growling... crap, the cat. Burn hand trying to get food out before it burned, dashed to get cat away from dog crate.

Scarf down the food, call sister in Cayman Islands to see if she can come home sooner (now?). "Sorry, see you tomorrow." It was worth a shot. Driving back to work in the pouring rain I realize my finger hurt, must have cut it, feels like a big paper cut. Don't see anything on it. Decide it's my imagination or a weird nerve thing going on.

Back at my desk I remeber, oh yeah, I burned it. Sigh.

It's only 2:30. If anyone would like to doggy sit two cute little adorable puppies, call me! They come with crates, toys, and food. You'll have to get your own water dish.

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