Dec 30, 2008

It really did happen

Long story: He's here! Seriously, pinch me. He's asleep beside me right now but doggonit, he's here! The flight left right after the last text. Whew.

We arrived at the airport right on time. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm rarely on time. I'm either early and irritated that I'm the only one on time or always late. But I was exactly on time this once!

Nola and I walked into the new terminal and it was actually NOT where we should have been. It was the ticketing area. It was quite a journey getting there actually b/c we had to cross this crazy busy street with people pulling their suitcases and other travel garb. Nola freaked but I reminded her that D was coming so she was somewhat with it mentally. We got into the inside area though and she lost it. As I was looking at the arrival/departure board that has the shiney colored digital letters she pooped. Right on the floor. I see her and wait for her to finish, open my bag, collect the poop, hold poop in one hand, use other hand to search for HandiWipes (best things ever), scour the floor, deposit poop and used HandiWipe into garbage. Now, I look up see ALL of the people in there looking at me so I sheepishly act like I'm really embarassed (which, for the record, I am not), I thoroughly cleaned that floor and was a well prepared dog mom, but I walked over to the patrol man and asked about the flight. I HAD to make up some reason why I was in there. All he said to me was, "Ma'am, dogs are not allowed in the terminal."

He helped me see on the board of shiney colored digital letters that the flight that I knew was here was indeed here. It was a sight. I was too proud to tell him I had NO idea that the baggage claim wasn't in the same place as it was on the opposite side and that I was lost and had no intention of being in the ticket area. Luckily, not too long after that D called and we found him. Needless to say, we won't be using that terminal again.

Short story: He's here, yippee!

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