Dec 17, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday - Crocs

So, I'm trying something new and am going to contribute to Shannon's Works-For-Me Wednesday carnival! I had so much fun with the Christmas Tour of Homes I thought this might be just as fun!

I'll start with something totally and ridiculously simple!

.... you know those shoes Crocs? If you're like most people (which you may not be, but if you are...) you either love them or hate them. Since I'm not actually like most people (haha) I am impartial. But if I had to choose a side, I'd say love. But only because of my use for them. I bought them because they were popular and everyone had a pair. Really, I hated them. They were too wide, too big, and no, they were not the "most comfortable things I'd ever put on" my tootsies. AND I tripped over them because of the material they're made of...

So why do I love them? Because, if you have a dog and don't have a fenced in backyard (like me!), these shoes make the best outdoor bedroom slippers ever!

They're perfect because I can wear my big comfy wool socks that don't fit into any regular sized shoes, they slip on and off easily, and they are easy to rinse off if I accidentally step into any doggy piles that someone didn't pick up. I wear my crocs when I take Nola out in the morning and evening so they stay by the door. Also, in case you're interested, they now have crocs with a winterized lining of fluffy fleecy stuff. I don't recommend the wool socks and the fluffy fleecy stuff, but maybe that's another Wednesday! :)

Next Wednesday is Christmas Eve... Merry Christmas!


~K~ said...

Absolutely. Like you I am impartial, but I really don't like the way they look on my feet. However, they are great for running outside & for backpacking. They're lightweight enough to clip on to my pack for an extra pair of shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

I for one LOVE crocs and mostly because of my two dogs.

When I take them to the lake I can walk along with the shoes on, when we get done hiking I take my boots off and put on crocs, and going to the dog park on wet days I just throw on a pair without holes and do not have to worry about my feet getting wet. I can throw them on quickly to run out and get the mail or pick up doggie poo in the yard.
The best thing is the ease in which they are to clean. I throw them in the laundry and back to normal.
Glad you posted!!

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