Dec 13, 2008

Christmas is when?!

Christmas is almost here! Happy Birthday Jesus! I think I will bake Him a cake this year. Why don't we do that? When it's tradition to bake a cake for someone on their birthday, why do we leave Jesus out? This year I will make Him a lovely cake and I'll make it a tradition. I like that. I think my friends will like that too! :)

My tree is purple. Well, it's green, duh -- but I realized that I have a lot of purple on it.

Last night I kept the lights on the tree plugged in while I was waiting for Britt to arrive. It was such a pretty glow from my bedroom with the sparkly ornaments. I loved seeing it in the dark. Britt's flight was due around 11:30 PM so I decided it would be a little after 1:00 AM before I saw her... it wasn't until 2 that she showed up. Geez. After we took the dogs out and chatted we finally collapsed at 3 in the morning. I got up around 6:45, took Nola out, came back in, and slept 'til 9:00. Oh it was so nice!

Nicer than that was having a single dog house again! I finally have my house back! It wasn't that bad but oh man are those doggies demanding! If they're not whining, they're eating something, if they're not eating something, they're pooping. Everyone is tired and happy!

I picked up my Christmas cards this morning and can't wait to get them out. Meanwhile, I'm freaking a little bit because it occured to me that Christmas is a little more than a week away. How on EARTH did that HAPPEN?! I ordered the last online ordering bit of my gifts yesterday and am just about done. NO idea what I'll get for the parents but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Did I mention I got my hair cut yesterday? Uh-huh, about 7 inches off! Our conversation went like this:

Hair person: "How much did you want taken off?"

Me: "About three inches."

Me: "Um, are you done cutting?"

Hair person: "Yes, did you want to go a little shorter?"

Me: "Could you?"

Me: "Hmm... "

Hair person: "More off?"

Me: "Yes please."

So... that's how 3" turned into 7" ... it's cute. A lot more layer than I'd anticipated but that's okay. It will grow. I keep forgetting that I've had it cut so when I go to look in the mirror for whatever reason I'm still a little surprised to see my reflection. This makes me laugh. But I understand if no one else does. :)


MizTremblay said...

What a cool idea about baking a cake for Jesus! :)

How about posting a pic of your much lighter haircut?

GinSpaghetti said...

Coming soon!!! :)

~K~ said...

I LOVE your new cut. I think the layering looks great. Since I have known you I have never seen it that short, but it looks really good on you.

GinSpaghetti said...

Thanks :)

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