Jan 2, 2011

iMovie - Take 1

                                             Baby Hatcher from Ginger Hatcher on Vimeo.

With only a few weeks until OP arrives, I'm trying to figure out as much as I can about Pebbles so I'll be somewhat proficient with what I want to do with baby pictures/videos, etc... This is my first attempt at using iMovie.  If anyone has good reference links, I'd love them.  I think Apple has some on their site, but I haven't checked them out yet - this was just me playing around last night.  I have another that's finalizing that has both stills and video - it took a while to figure out the music fading, but I think I did it... I may have to go back and read the help or find a tutorial depending on what it sounds like when it's done.  One thing is certain - iMovie is definitely better than MovieMaker!

YouTube version.


Jill Foley said...

very cute!

It was kind of like a maternity fashion show! I like the blue shirt with the scrunchies on the side : )

Caroline said...

Ginger! You have to have a picture of you & the babe at the end...when he comes!! I've started using iMovie & it is pretty easy to get the hang of...for what i want to do. so fun!!

GinH said...

Jill - that totally makes me laugh because I feel like I wear the same three or four shirts all the time! SO excited to get back into my regular clothes this summer!

Caroline - I will be making a new one with fresh, wrinkly baby pictures... hopefully SOONER than later!! :)

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