Jan 25, 2011

Project Life - Week 3

 This is SO much fun!  Project Life is BACK IN STOCK for anyone who's been thinking about trying it.  It can absolutely be anything you want it to be!  A first year married album, baby's first year (kind of what I'm doing...), old photos that just need to be organized, college days, special adventures - anything! And it also doesn't have to span any particular time period - fun travels over the years... so many possibilities!  It's taking EVERY ounce of control I have not to order the Amber kit to use for something else - and really, I have very little control, so that's saying a lot! ;)
I didn't really get too creative with this spread - it's more or less random photos that I wanted to include and I literally just threw it together - I like that I'm posting and participating in a weekly project post because it has totally kept me accountable to myself in making sure I'm printing my photos and using them in the album.  I know I wouldn't do it otherwise - or I'd wait a looong time and then forget what I wanted to journal on the cards... SO MUCH FUN!  

If anyone decides to order, I'd love to know what you plan to use it for - even if you don't post or have a blog... don't you secretly kind of wish that Project Life was your idea?  It's so brilliant!


Anonymous said...

oh i totally wish this idea was around when i had my little ones... i think it is the perfect memory book for a baby :) keep up the great work!

JulesHollis said...

What a lovely spread with great pics. I like the Project Life Tuesday linky party too! Great way to stay motivated.

GinH said...

Shelly - it is so tempting to order another for everyday moments! :)

Jules - there is definitely something to be said about accountability with this project! It's been so much fun so far!!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Yes! I totally wish I had thought of this idea....I'm using PL to just chronicle our life...the daily stuff, but seriously thinking I need a bunch of these to catch up on all my photos in boxes!

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