Jan 13, 2011

TIBS - Week 36

 Week 36

Week 36

Double pics since I'm posting late... and a video of OP:

I purposely waited a day to post this week's picture - hoping I'd have some updates on OP, but nada.  No dilation.  Boo.  We got three u/s pics that are nothing short of funny.  I should post them... one is a pretty circle (skull), another a few lines (his spine and belly/and heart) and finally one of an eye socket.  Exciting.  Our midwife thinks OP is coming on Valentine's day.  I'm holding out for Feb. 8th - only because our anniversary is May 8th.  Other stats, still great BP, no stretch marks, no itching, lost 2lbs (go figure!), and while my uterus is right on for measurement, I don't feel like I've gotten bigger since last week.  Our midwife says I have a pretty belly.  Um, thanks?  She followed with 'I see a lot of bellies.'  So that's fun.  An odd compliment, but a compliment nonetheless! :)

(Video note: most of the action starts around 1:03.)


Anonymous said...

The video is hysterical. I love Luka coming to check things out...too cute!

GinH said...

They are all so curious - it's funny! Now if you ask Nola 'Where's Oliver?!' she gets all excited and paws at my belly - we have to watch her nails, but it's cute!

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