Jan 11, 2011

Project Life - Week 1

Last week I shared that I'm doing Project Life this year... and while I can't promise to do this every week, I thought I'd link up with The Mom Creative to get some ideas from others who also do Project Life.  It seems weird to 'do' Project Life, but it seems to be the most fitting verb.  Hm.

I've glanced at others' Project Life and wow - so many great ideas!  I'm such a novice!  When I got my kit, I debated the best way to use it.  Would it be for OP's first year?  General family documentation?  Random photos with some notes here and there?  So many options... Since it's only January 11th - fairly early - I could still change my mind on what to do... the way I have it right now, I have my weekly pregnancy pictures in some of the extra pages at the front of the book and then the plan was to start on Jan 1 with some photos from the week.  After looking over some other blogs of some great Project Life ideas/layouts, I'm thinking that what's wrong with doing TWO Project Lifes?  It could be excessive, but it could also be a fantastic way to document both OP's life AND our family.  One book couldn't do both, not in the function I'd want for just OP's life.

So now I'm thinking that when the kits are available again (they are sold out right now but will be restocked in a couple of weeks) - I may order the Amber version.  It's girlier and very cute.  I could still continue to document our life in the current pages, and then just swap them into the new album (sans cards - good thing there are extras!).  I've not totally decided to do this yet, but it's what I'm thinking.  I absolutely LOVE pictures and have an undisclosed number of pictures of Luka, Finley, and Nola.  Heck, I even have lots of just Chandler.  So it definitely wouldn't be totally crazy to think that I could maintain both... and I LOVE that OP would have his life chronicled each day (or most days - I mean, let's face it, I will likely cheat and forget one day and use two pictures from one day for two days...).

I am loving Project Life.  Did anyone else decide to order?  Maybe I'm overly excited because I wanted to do it last year so bad and didn't get my order placed in time... I hope if my Chan is reading he's not flipping over my potential order coming up... (don't worry babe, I'll use my allowance ;))  Such a small price to pay for a LIFETIME of memories!  (Right mom?)


Suz said...

I loved the Project Life. I don't have much of a life to project right now (no husband or kids). But if I ever do get married I might use it to document our engagement and first year a marriage and then maybe one for each of the kids (pregnancy-graduation). I would have liked my mom to do that for me because it would have been an easy look back at my entire childhood rather than browsing a million photo albums.

GinH said...

Suz! Do it now! (and then too, ha!) - I think it would be equally as fun to document what you're up to now to share with your kids one day and for you to look back too at life... the only reason I didn't do it last year was b/c the kits were sold out. It has been SO much fun though. Some people do a photo each day and take pics of jars, traffic, put receipts in the pockets - it's been fun to get ideas!

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