Jan 17, 2011

Project Life - Week 2

 Since this is my first year doing Project Life - and it's a BIG year for us... I've been all over the place deciding what to do with PL.  Last week I saw some really neat ideas and loved them and was thinking that I'd order another kit for the family and use this one for OP.  Now I'm thinking that I might just use this one for him and wait on doing two until next year when there's more going on... to be decided when the second go 'round of kits are available!

We don't have a lot going on right now and while I do take lots of pictures, there are other things I'd rather put in the album.  I decided to use January to document things that we've been up to, aptly titled 'A  week in our life...' mixed in with baby planning.  Last week I did that theme (and I've already changed it a little since deciding to go with that) and this week I decided to go with our 3D pictures, the nursery, and some vintage pics of me and Chan.  

In the very first few pages, I have my weekly belly pictures with a few spaces left for the remaining weeks.  I also picked up some large pocket 12x12 sleeves for doctor visit/insurance papers and other random tidbits of info.  I think this will be a really fun album for OP when he's older.  


pippasmum said...

I did a pregnancy/birth/first few weeks album for Pk - it was so much fun. I was looking at it yesterday (getting ideas to start one for Baby Bean) and it's such a fun trip down memory lane!

k9 said...

well..its really a fun to do.
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Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

what an awesome idea!! Best wishes on the remainder of your pregnancy :)

Jill Foley said...

Can I tell you how many times I have clicked over to Project Life to see what exactly I am missing out on? I really don't need another thing to do. It looks cool.

I have other things I've done or am doing for my girls - hopefully it will be enough for them : )

GinH said...

Sarah - do you still keep up with the albums? I think we'll end up with two, one that's more like a 'baby book' of sorts that has some stats and 'firsts' and then this one... I think it would be neat to have a project life for each child - don't know how feasible it would be to keep up though!

Ginger - thank you :)

Jill - there's a digital version that you don't pay for until you're done and then you can decide what to do with it. I thought about going with that one, but decided that I wanted to include random pieces of other things in the pockets. Anything you do is enough for them and I know they will cherish it! Are you writing in a Bible for them? I think Sarah mentioned that (or was it you? it was one of the two of you!) - I think that's something I'd like to do too, but not sure how to do it! Would I read it again or just go to verses that I like for him and write?

pippasmum said...

I am all over the map with my scrapbooking. I used to do chronological albums with whatever was going on - a kind of life series. They took up a lot of time and I just lost steam, I think. Now, I have a few albums - a Christmas one (two page spread for each Christmas and I put it out each year as a kind of decoration, a chance to see Christmases past and to plan), a fall one that is similar to the Christmas one, a birthday party one for Pippa that I plan to give her when she leaves home and each child has the baby one. I also write each child a letter every few months and those are in binders to be given to them either if something happens to me or when they leave home.
The Bible idea was Jill's and I LOVE it. I haven't started - I keep trying to decide what form I want it to take. It could just be me writing and reflecting on scripture but I have considered passing it around to people who are important to our family and asking them to pick a favourite passage to comment on (e.g., grandparents, aunts/uncles, family friends, our minister, etc...) I think it would be neat to have Bible commentary in the handwriting of their "cloud of witnesses"...

GinH said...

Oh I really like the idea of having the albums out at special times of the year - the birthday one is really cute! I really, really love the idea of passing the Bible around to various people - I think that would be so special to have different input, etc.. from people who are influential.

Jill, how do you do the Bible? (lol such a funny question!)

pippasmum said...

The birthday album has been so much fun (although we only have three two-page spreads so far). I record who was there, the food and the theme, etc... it's fun and it's a nice way to capture the people in Pippa's life at different stages.
Jill, I'm wondering too, have you decided what to do with the journal Bible? I'd love to get going on that (I keep thinking that if I wait too long, I might not be able to get all the grandparents to record, a negative thought but still, our parents are getting older)

Jill Foley said...

I didn't realize I was being asked questions here : )

It wasn't my idea, but I did share about it on my blog. I think maybe Carol talked about it on the Bible study blog

I found a note taking Bible that I bought for each girl and had their names inscribed on the front. When the Bible is open, the left page is Bible text and the right page is blank for notetaking.

I haven't "started" yet - my original intent was to read through for each girl and take notes. I don't want my notes or thoughts to be exactly the same, but I also don't want to leave things out (does that make any sense?).

I did look up the verses that go with their names and wrote those out in the front.

I dont' think there is a "right" way and I just need to start. I keep thinking I have another 12-14 years to do it (my original thought was to give this to them when they graduate). But what if the unthinkable happens to me? - I still want to leave them this legacy. So I might just add notes as I read through my own Bible and am inspired to share with one or both of them what I have read.

I love the idea of having the grandparents write a favorite verse - in their own handwriting. That will work for 3 of the 4 sets of grandparents we have!

Do you know about the other two journals I do with the girls? One is all entries from me - I record special stories and write them special notes. The other is one we pass back and forth. Each girl has one and about once a week I write a note to them and they write back (or draw).

How weird is it that you have another Ginger reading your blog? Just not a common name!

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