Jan 4, 2011

Project Life

Have you heard of Project Life?  It's the neatest way to scrapbook!  I waited too long to order in 2010 and the kits sold out, so I jumped on it this year and my kit arrived today.  Soooo exciting!  I know with a new baby I'll have loads of pictures and new experiences so it was especially important to have this for 2011.  The greatest thing about this kit is that you can use it for virtually anything.  I debated waiting and starting it when baby was here and do an album for each year of his life, but I'm too excited to start so I'm just going to go traditional and use it for the entire year.  Did you watch the video?  AMAZING!

There were two kit options this year - I really liked the other one better, it was girlier, but with a baby boy joining the house and knowing that he would likely be the subject of the album, I decided it was best to stick to a more neutral color scheme and turquoise is great too.
It has even MORE that isn't pictured here - too difficult to get it all in the frame... if you're looking for a unique and easy way to scrapbook and capture memories - this is definitely the way to go.  And yes, I say that before even using it.  My faith in it is that strong.  ;)  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR - order it already!  The idea of it is simple yet genius and you could totally mimic it but just buying similar materials to get the same concept going, but for the money I found this to be the best option for us.


Emily Erin said...

Just so you know, she's all sold out; perhaps she'll restock later?

GinH said...

Erin - I saw that earlier! I knew the turquoise was sold out yesterday but apparently the amber sold out today - wow! Word on the street is there will be more in a couple of weeks. Jump on it if you're interested, I am loving it! Will post pics of this week's mementos over the weekend. Hope you, G & G are doing well!

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