Jul 1, 2009

Bags, bags, bags....

I'm done until Sunday! Two of these are sold and a few are going to MyleStone Gallery -- will make another batch on Sunday. It's almost time to order some new fabrics. Next week is the goal for that! Britt will be coming to spend the night with Titan and Roxy next weekend, so she might have to suffer through a bag party. Although, that could have its benefits for her! ;)
(Girl, I don't have to work on that Saturday!)

D has an interview in VA!!! This is great news! Not as close as we were hoping but it is fantastic and we're excited!

I still need to post pics from the picnic!


Domestic Goddess said...

Congrats on getting the bags done and for them going to the store, that is AWESOME!!!!

That is great news about the interview, I will for sure keep him in your prayers and I hope you two have a GREAT weekend!

brittanywest said...

i don't care how many bags you sew...as long as we get little caesar's!!!

~NCKayakerchick said...

Awesome girl about D's interview! When does he have it? Paying for my bag today; and I love it from the pics.

Send me the link so I can order material for a big bag. :)

Kitten said...

I had to stop by and look at more of your beautiful handiwork!

Sorry I haven't been commenting that much lately...I haven't had a terrible amount of time to be reading blogs! Things have calmed down, thank goodness, and I'll be sure to stop by more often!

Sarah said...

These are so pretty!!! Good for you for being so productive!
I will be praying for you with the interview :-).

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