Jun 28, 2009

Weekend progress...

...on bags! Goal is to get 16 done by the end of Thursday... made a few tonight. The first two were "orders" and the one of the far right may be sold tomorrow, but not sure yet. I'm debating keeping the third one. It's SUPER cute. I have an orange fabric that will also match the flowers and I think when I order again, I'm going to get this print in different colors because it's great for this size I think.
We had the GOAC picnic today -- it was lots of fun. Pictures will be next!


Opus #6 said...

You GO girl! I was wondering how you were doing. Great to see this post.

Abbie H. said...

Awwww-look at those adorable bags!!! Hey what fabric is your first one?

brittanywest said...

LOVE them ALL girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL....my word verification is: phorker....hahahaha...it fits me well!

Emily said...

Ok...a Bible bag would be perfect for my BSF stuff. How much do you charge? I want to buy one!

Domestic Goddess said...

They turned out great!!! You are bagtastic!

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