Jun 15, 2009

Picture Post

Last week at work we had a baby shower... (why do my eyes look Asian when I smile?)

I made the banner...
...and Lisa made this awesome watermelon (copy it, it's adorable!).
Sleepover time! I can't believe we ALL fit in the bed! We had SUCH a good time!!!
Everyone got a bath! Roxy wasn't thrilled...
Britt's dog attack...

This is the messy closet before the cleaning...

(Blogger hates me tonight and just deleted the full shot picture and because I'm cranky over the computer already I'm not going to reload it. Just know that the top looked just like the bottom!)
...AND... here's the after closet! SO much better!
(and you can see the floor!!!)


Jill Foley said...

you don't look asian!

Love the banner and the watermelon carving is way cool!!!

brittanywest said...

girl, you forgot to send me the pics....do it tonight! please?!
love the baby shower! fun! :-)

Domestic Goddess said...

You did so good at sewing the banner...it looks GREAT! Love all the pictures! And great job on your closet, don't you feel like you got some new clothes out of the deal? I always find stuff I forgot I had when I clean ours, LOL!

Abbie H. said...

Okay, I'm seconding Jill to say you don't look Asian!

Second, the banner turned out good! Was waiting to see the picture of the "not a big deal"! haha!

Third, Whooo-hooo for clean closets!

Fourth, OUCH!

Anonymous said...

I am confused as why you would reference your eyse looking "asian". Is there something wrong with looking Asian?

GinSpaghetti said...

When I smile a real smile, my eyes are very squinty! I don't think I insinuated anything negative about being Asian.

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