Jun 7, 2009

Catching up...photoblog style (Part II)

Memorial Day cookout... and cheesy pictures!

Nola's new collar from Oliver's Collars! We love Oliver... and his collars... and his mom... because they're just THAT awesome!!! Nola thinks she's pretty stylish in the zebra print. I doubt you can see from the picture, but it's got pink thread and is SO cute!


Domestic Goddess said...

I LOVE the family picture...SO CUTE!!!!! :) The zebra collar is oh so stylish! And I have to agree with you...Oliver's Mom is pretty darn cool! :)

Abbie H. said...

I love all the new Nola pictures...oh, yeah and her pets! haha!

So sweet of you to say that about Oliver and his momma! lol

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