Jul 10, 2009

Random Friday

If you invite me to your house, and we plan to eat, this is what I'm bringing. YUM....

Aside from sewing 20 or so bags this weekend, I plan to play with this baby! Scott let me borrow one of his monster pro cameras to take some pics of the pups...
...and so of course I had to play around with it tonight. The lighting was awful so 'scuse that, but I'm diggin' the twiga crown. I'm sure there will be LOTS of fun pictures tomorrow!!!
Britt is bringing Titan and Roxy and they're all going to be here for a sleepover tomorrow - it's going to be GOOD times!!!

1 comment:

Domestic Goddess said...

Love the ring picture, that is too funny!!! Enjoy the weekend, I hope you girls have a BLAST!!!

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