Jul 15, 2009

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday... Diamonds

I'm not actually participating in the WW blog carnival, but I am in love with this picture and am just a tiny bit obsessed with taking pictures of my new favorite piece of jewelry. I can't promise there won't be more.

While we're on topic, let's have a poll. Before I got this ring, I decided that when I did get it, I wouldn't take it off unless I was doing something super gross, or something that could harm the stones or metal. That being said, because I am a hydration fanatic, I use a lot of lotion. I realize that rings hate lotion so I've been using a brush to clean it after the rub down. I suppose I'll probably clean it every week or so just because I do keep it on all of the time.

Tell me... do you take your rings off? How often do you clean them at home (if you clean them at home)?

I know a lot of people take their rings off at night or when they shower. What makes you take your rings off? I'm curious.

(So much for the wordless post....)


Kitten said...

I take my rings off whenever I wash or lotion. I never sleep with them; I'm paranoid they'll get caught in the sheets or they'll fall off during my sleep.

I don't clean them every week, but I soak them overnight in jewelry cleaner whenever I think of it. I know that's probably not the best way to clean one's rings, but I haven't had any problems.

Suzanne said...

I only take of my rings if I'm putting on lotion; however, that's how I temporarily lost my first wedding band. I heard someone say that a little whitening toothpaste and old toothbrush did wonders for cleaning rings with stones. So that's what I do most often. It really does get into the nooks and crannies and make the diamonds sparkle! And the hand sanitizer build-up from working in a hospital is awful on rings!

Jill Foley said...

I have gotten in the habit of taking my ring off so much that I hardly put it on! I have two, small, plain wedding bands that I wear all the time, but the diamond hardly gets worn anymore.

Now I'm inspired to go put it on! : )

Emily said...

I keep mine on all the time. The only time I take them off is when I take them to get cleaned. I go to Bailey's. They do an awesome job and it is free....and I totally trust them with this antique ring I got :)

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