Jul 12, 2009

Nature Girl, the Warthog, and the Hyena

My sister and her dogs came for a sleep over this weekend... we had SO much fun! Saturday we decided to take the dogs out for a short hike since the weather was great and we needed some pictures.

Blogger is being difficult tonight so only a few pictures uploaded and for some reason I can't change their order, grr!!!
Titan really didn't die. But he was SO tired! Neither he nor Roxy (aka Fluffy, aka Leigh Ann, aka the Hyena) are used to much exercise so they were completely worn out by the afternoon!
I know it sounds crazy, but Nola really seemed excited to have Titan and Roxy at the park with her. She always gets excited about going but she was super pumped this time!
Is Nature Girl not the cutest? I picked on her the entire morning but we had a fun time. I LOVE this picture of her with Roxy!

...will try to post more pics tomorrow.


brittanywest said...

i think i played the part pretty good!?

Domestic Goddess said...

:) The pictures are great, I can't wait to see more. The picture of Titan laying on his side is hysterical, that right there proves it was a fun day! :)

Wright-Thompson said...

Titan's picture is too funny! He said, "Okay, I'm done. I'll just wait here for you guys!"

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