Jul 27, 2009

"Say cheese... or kibble!"

A couple months ago Nola, Titan, and Roxy had a photo shoot with Brittany Wright. She's a local photog working on a book that features rescue dogs and she's been collecting stories and photos of dogs in our area. She was SO awesome and we got some great shots of the pups. Nola was super nervous and had her freak-out face on most of the time but towards the end of the afternoon she started to settle. If helped that B-dub brought a bag of kibble treats. I caught sly Belly with her head in the bag a few too many times!!!

Best picture of Roxy.... ever.

Belly's nervous smile, but a smile no less!
Brittany (we call her B-dub to differentiate between the Britts since they spell their names the same way and have the same last name initial) is still in need of rescue dogs for her book project. If you're local -- check out her site, she has a blog too!
If you're not local but are interested in having your dog featured in her book, still contact her! We think she's pretty awesome and D and I have already booked her for engagement pics.... we're hoping she'll be able to shoot the wedding next year too!
Oh! Be sure to ask her about her dog Scarlett, she might sing a song for you! (Tony! Toni! Tone! 'nuff said.)
Also be sure to check out MyleStone Gallery that she and her sister run -- they have some incredibly neat finds that are mostly local and/or handmade. I bought a bracelet and a soy candle when I was last there and feel the need to stop back by and check out the new stuff!

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