Feb 27, 2009

Incredibly sweet letter

I don't typically share letters from my sponsored children here because I want to preserve integrity, but this one was too sweet not to share in its entirety.

Clara's mom typically writes but late last year Clara (age 10) started writing on her own! In her first letter she said "can you believe it's really me, Clara, writing to you?!" How precious is that?!

This letter was written just four days before her birthday (November '08).

"First I would like to greet you a pleasant day and Hi! through the guidance of our Lord, I am very fine with my family and I hope you are also in good health at this moment. I'm so happy and surprised today. Now, I am so excited to say thank you very much. I am so lucky because God hear my prayers and there's always the answer in advance. I realized that God is always with us. I must say that I am the most lucky girl in our home because I have a sponsor like you. You're so blessed and have a big warm heart to me always.

That's why in behalf of my family we thank you so much for sharing me your blessings. I bought a part of sandal, blouse, and pants and I will wear it in going to school and in the church. Some of it I will buy things that I need in school. again, thank you always for being there. For all those sacrifices, I do not know how I pay you back. I pray that you have more blessings, have a good health always and may you find the right man who cares and loves you for the rest of your life. I love you so much! 'Tsup! Tsup!' [No earthly idea what this is, appears to be a sound, kisses maybe??? Any insight, let me know!]

Kindly pray for me to finished my schooling with high grades. And my younger brother celebrate his birthday today but he suffered from cough and fever. Please also pray for him. How's your weather? How's your family bonding? Wishing you more blessings to come. Till next time. May God bless you always. Love and pray, Clara Mae"

You can sponsor a child too! Visit Compassion's website -- there are hundreds (dare I say thousands?!) of children whose photos are depicted on the website. I've had the best correspondence with children from Philippines, Tanzania, El Salvador, Guatemala, Thailand and India. I think India and Philippines are a tie. I have a child I write to in India and I typically receive at least one letter/month from her. Clara replies to all of my letters. Other friends I have who sponsor in the Philippines have similar correspondence. For a first sponsored child, I'd recommend Philippines! And I'd also recommend a child older than eight, because they often have waited the longest.
*Photo from Compassion's website.

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Abbie H. said...

How neat! I love how long her letter is. The ones I get from my sponsored children are very short and some are worksheets about them. I'm thankful to get anything from them, but also look forward to the day they can write it on their own.

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