Feb 15, 2009

Trail Dog Extraordinaire

The Blue Ridge Parkway is gorgeous, most especially during the spring and summer when the flora is in bloom, but I love it in the winter months because you can really see how its beauty gives it its name.

We drove out to Graveyard Fields (sounds creepy, I know... a fire burned the area years ago and the trees looked like grave markers so that's how it got its name) earlier today and hiked several miles. It was a perfect day to be outside. I think the high was 50 but with the wind it was more like 45 or a little below that. Above is D at the upper falls. We finally made our way there after a few horse trail side hikes.
Nola is the trail dog extraordinaire -- right! Actually, she was great. The trail was moderate, definitely not easy but not too strenuous either. Although there were parts that I would consider a little more difficult than others. I had to carry her across a few of the stream areas because I didn't want the water to get in her booties and keep her paws wet. Trust me, she would have LOVED to run through these little areas. I did let her go through some but only when the water was low enough not to wet the top of her paws.

We were done with the trail and thought we were also done with inclines... then we remembered the stairs we had to climb to get to the car. Ugh. We were tired. My legs burned from having to carry little Miss Sunshine over some of the rocks. There weren't enough spaces for her feet without a slick surface. Why don't dog booties come with vibram soles?!

Back on the road to the cabin, we decided to stop at an overlook to take a picture of Looking Glass Rock. This would have been a great hike but not something for our little trailblazer. I think it would have been way too difficult for her if not just down right impossible. The trail is pretty rough from what I understand, but the view is worth it. I actually liked looking at the rock from the parkway myself... but then, I'm pretty easy to please.

We're heading home tomorrow, but not before stopping by Waggers to get Sunshine Trailblazer a marrow filled cow bone (gross) for the ride home.


Domestic Goddess said...

I LOVE all the pictures, they are so great. The photo of Looking Glass Rock is amazing, God is good, we have so many breath taking places on this planet!

Abbie H. said...

Hey, I forgot to come in and tell you how much I loved seeing and reading about your adventures! The place looked so cozy and warm! Glad to hear you got some extra time with the boy too! I'm sure you both needed it!

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