Feb 22, 2009

Sunday, fun day

I am a little sad the weekend is almost over... but happy because that means March will be here soon and D will be here for almost TWO WEEKS in March - YAY for that!

I got up early and started cleaning the house, it was rainy so I have no idea where my motivation came from... maybe the huge pile of laundry making itself comfortable in the middle of my bedroom? I even ended made a grocery bag holder with some of my new fabric! My sister stopped by and said she thought the fabric was ugly, but I like it. And frankly, it does the job! Actually, I could have made a bigger one because I still have a pile of bags but they're folded because I grabbed a stack at Walmart after the woman told me I could take a few. Wonder if we should have defined "few?"

Now if I could only figure out how to make a tote... I printed a really cute pattern last week but it is WAY too advanced for me. Instead, I found a $1 Care Bear tote I bought at Target last year for one of my kids and apparently forgot I had it. If I feel daring I may try to make a pattern from it. I don't think it will be too hard... but I'm not really one for patterns.

I didn't use anything to make the grocery bag thing, but then, it wasn't really hard to figure out so I guess that's not saying anything. I just don't see why I couldn't free hand everything, right? That's the way I learned how to play piano (by ear) and guitar, and saxaphone, so I blame my music background for preventing me from using sewing patterns. That's fair.

I really have nothing too exciting to say so, if you even made it this far I owe you a box of Girl Scout Cookies!


pam said...

I will be by to pick up my cookies, do you have mint??

I think the bag is cute.

Domestic Goddess said...

I LOVE the fabric, that is so cute. That is so funny that you made one, I was really intending to and then we found this little craft store that had a Missouri Tigers one for $4 so I just broke down and bought it. They are the best things ever.

And as far as a pattern goes, you can so make it as you go for a tote, I am positive you could pull that off. The one thing I would say is to make sure you make handles that go all the way around the bag, not just at the top, they work wonders for being able to carry heavier stuff. Let's just say the first ones I made did not last long, but once I did the longer straps I was good to go! ;)

Kimberly said...

I also love the fabric! Where did you find it? I am looking to make Fiona some cute spring/summer dresses and I love the leafy/earthy theme!

You did a great job creating without a pattern!

Kristi J said...

My hubby and I are the only ones going to pick up Lucy Lane. Not sure who will keep all the kiddos, but will think about it right before we leave :) I love the fabric by the way, kristi

Abbie H. said...

Good job Gin! And NO WAY is that ugly fabric. I like it!

Looks like you are putting that machine to good use!

You can so make a tote without a pattern! I don't do patterns and just always keep the seem ripper handy!

I even wrote a post about not using patterns--it's here http://allinhisdesign.blogspot.com/2008/09/cinderella-cinderella.html if you want to read it.

Can't wait to see your tote!

Ann said...

All righty then... I would like to try those Lemon cookies pleeeeeze!
You silly.
Well, you asked if I was Episcopal and I'll say, yes. That was how I was raised. I'm always searching though. Questioning, listening.

Debbie said...

Totes are so popular right now - I bet you could find a simple pattern!

britt said...

fabric is still ugly! LOL :P

KC said...

I will take a nice box of lemonades please!!!! LOL love you Ginger... make me one! LOL

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