Feb 13, 2009

Mountain Get-away

How silly are we?! We came to the mountains to get away from everything and this is what we did within about 15 minutes of getting our stuff in from the car. We had to plug the computers up in the kitchen because the cabin was built in the 1930s and has two-prong outlets... we needed three prong outlets. The only three prongs are in the bathroom above the sink and in the kitchen by the fuse box. So... here we are.

We found a great trail off the Parkway, the weather has been perfect!!! It was a little warm on the way up the trail but by the time we came back we were glad we'd brought our heavier jackets.
This picture makes me laugh...D was trying to be all serious and model-like but he was really about to crack up laughing.

Nola got antlers!!! D drove all the way to Roslindale (suburb right outside of Boston) to get Nola more antlers! She just finished the one we bought her in November. It lasted three months! She is in pure heaven. What you don't know is that I have about 14 other pictures of her in action on the new antler. Needless to say, she LOVES it. Happy Valentine's Day Belly!
I'm sure we'll post more pictures, we're internet addicts so expect nothing less than full updates periodically! :P
(OH MY! Guess what?! D likes to smell books too!!!! Amazing! Do you like the way books smell?)
Happy (early) Valentine's Day!


Elynor said...

Antlers, huh? May need to look into finding some. Chelsea and Daisy have become so efficient with their cow hooves, that they can chew them to nubbins in one night (whereas previously they'd at least last a few days). Glad you're having fun!

KC said...

Like the smell of books???? OMG Gin I think you have found your soul mate! lol

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