Feb 4, 2009

Fort = Raleigh and Meet Chance!

This is Fort, except that his name is Raleigh! (He didn't really look like a Fort.)
This is one or two days post surgery.

His bandage is now off and he's had a second procedure on his eye. It looks much better now!

Tiny and the Giant!

Is this not the cutest face?!

Raleigh, meet Chance!
Chance is the dog my brother-in-law brought home from work last week. They took him to the vet and got his shots last week and he'll be neutered next Tuesday... which means he'll spend the night with us! He's heartworm positive though so he's also on treatment.


brittany said...

Chance is still looking for a forever home....

brittany said...

Raleigh is the MOST sweetest thing ever....and he does the Dane prance all over the place. He pooped all over the house this morning b/c I didn't get him out quick enough. Whoops!! And the poor boy was shivering outside. Maybe I should crank up my new sewing machine and make him a jacket...

Ann said...

How sweet. I get so teary when I see an animal with an injury, or band-aids.
I'm so glad he's healing! What a sweet face.

Happy Virtual GNO Gin!!! :->

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