Feb 11, 2009

My shirt is SO famous!

So I'm watching HGTV the other night and they're advertising a new show, Generation Renovation... then... I see it! My shirt! It's MY SHIRT! I totally have the same one! Well, mine is light blue, but holy cow! How cool?!

I tried to find a clip of the exact scene I saw but I'm trying to get some work done today (okay, I pretend to work sometimes and am really reading blogs but... I think about working a lot).

Anyway, here's a picture from Gloucester that's on another blog of mine. And...here's the place where I got my shirt! The movie A Perfect Storm was filmed in Gloucester (MA) and the entire town (it's small) thrives around fishing. Since there is so much fishing, they have to have lots of ice to keep the fish fresh until they're back to shore. It was a neat place. They have statues to honor the fishermen who have lost their lives working on boats. The beaches pebble shores are small and have lots of huge rocks. It's really pretty.

If you visit Cape Pond Ice's website, you too can have a famous shirt!


britt said...

girl.....that's the blue shirt you got me!!!!!!!! fun!

Kimberly said...

I knew you were a trendsetter! ;)

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