Feb 25, 2009

Surgery Kitty

Luka had a dental today. He'd broken a tooth some time ago but recently it became inflamed so that and the fact that the plaque on his molars had calcified meant - time for a dental. He doesn't do well under anesthesia so I was a little concerned but he passed his blood test with flying colors! Yay! Relief... 16.5 lbs of cat worried me. His little eyes are still dilated but aren't they the most beautiful green eyes you've ever seen? I love his eyes. They really are that green.
Finley wasn't sure what to make of the "vet smell" so he pitched a hissy little fit for a while (haha).
Luka finally settled down, but for the record Biggy Big went straight for the food bowl when he got home. Of course he was still loopy and couldn't jump on the dryer to get it (he fell, poor baby) and when I did offer him some he couldn't figure out how to eat it, so I found some canned food and he devoured it.
I had lots of bloggy thoughts today... mostly fun ones that included a Hope Aid fundraising update, slang words, and something about "jive turkey," but I just haven't felt up to posting much. Tomorrow.


Ann said...

What an adorable face! I'm glad he's on the road to recovery.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Poor little guy. Hope he's doing better now!

Domestic Goddess said...

Poor Luka! I am glad to hear that it went well, I am sure the loopy moments were pretty funny! I hope he is feeling better!!

Debbie said...

That vet smell can cause some fits. I hope everything is back to normal now.

Kitten said...

Such a pretty kitty!!! I'm melting...oh, the cuteness!!!

Abbie H. said...

Glad to hear he is doing better!!!

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