Nov 18, 2008

Why Hope Aid Rocks

It's about time I write about Hope Aid International and why it's an AWESOME organization.

-First, we are small and we are small intentionally. It's because of our size that allows us to know each of our donors. We are able to truly connect people to one another. One of our very first donors gave money towards an income-generating project. Later, we learned that this particular individual wanted to do more to help the family. Another project started, and soon, this beneficiary was able to live on the income from her business and support her family.

-We are transparent. Ask us anything about everything, we will tell you (or show you).

-We are in constant communication with our projects. David and Linda are in contact with not only our school projects, but also with our village projects way across the country. They know exactly what is going on with each person's project and they are able to assist when needed to insure the integrity of the program.

-We are honest, hard-working, reliable, and flexible. We are able to accomodate most requests since we are a small organziation. Need something? Just ask! We might be able to make it happen!

We have some great projects going on right now. First, there's the new secondary school (Hope Secondary School)! We have partnered with a group in the UK called School4Uganda. Elizabeth is the lead on this and she's been able to raise enough money to purchase land and they are currently working on funds for the building itself! This school will be directly across the road from the primary school (Good Hope Primary).

We're also working on a project here in the US to re-build Good Hope Primary School! This building is almost 12 years old and needs some repair work. We've decided to re-build it on classroom at a time. It will cost approximately $2,000 per classroom and we've raised about half of this to date. The new school is a work in progress but we have a great group helping us, Kids with Knowledge!

As if these building projects weren't enough, we are also helping a clinic in Fort Portal with their maternity ward. It's a small, rural clinic that only needs $2,000 total for the project. If anyone feels compelled to help, let me know!

Finally, we still offer school fee sponsorships ranging from $20-50/year. What's the difference? $20 only covers the basics for the child and $50 will cover it all (tuition, supplies, uniform, lunch). Did I mention that is is per year?? We do ask for the funds up front so the fees are covered but you will be able to write to the child who you're helping and you'll receive their photo and school report along with letters. Feel free to send them a special package too! Want to visit? We can help arrange that too!

Last but not least we also provide income-generating projects that range from $10 rabbits to $500 garden projects. Past projects have included rabbits, pigs, goats, cows, brick making, sewing machines, tomato gardens, and chickens.

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