Nov 11, 2008

Faye's Shower

I worked with Faye at Brody when ECU CARE was still around. She's such a beautiful person. Well, Faye lost a very good friend recently, her dog, Buddy. Buddy was very old and such a good friend to her and her sister Nancy. They decided to honor Buddy's memory by adopting another dog -- Annabelle Koko! She is an adorable minpin mix (I believe that's right!) who they will call Bella.

So... add cute new puppy dog to a mix of dog loving ladies and you have... a Dog Shower! Because Buddy was an older chap and Bella is young, lively lady, we decided that there were a few things Faye and Nancy may need. Add an adorable cake, some yummy ice cream and bags full of gifts and you have our afternoon! Nola was a very well behaved little girl and even got her own vanilla ice cream. We can't wait to meet Bella! We hear she's very smart so maybe she can teach us some tricks!

(L-R: Martina, Michelle, Faye, Nola, Me, Judi, Linda, Camilla, Ruth, Martha, Debbie, Bonnie)

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