Dec 29, 2011

Ten Things - Miscellany

For no reason at all other than I need to muster some motivation to pick up the clutter that covers our floor counter couch garage entire house right now.

1.) I don't like to walk on carpet that I just vacuumed.  When I'm vacuuming and you walk on the fresh lines, I feel a strong need to vacuum where you just walked (again).  This also applies to a crawling baby, despite how cute he may be.

Side note, we got a Dyson Animal in July (Merry Christmas to me from Chandler) and it is every bit as good as what people say.  I love it.  I use it no less than every other day.  The stairs attachment is dumb though, with three animals, we use the regular head and don't bother with the silly attachments.

2.) When I'm loading dishes in the dishwasher I turn the water on and keep it running whether I need to rinse things or not.  I know it's a horrible waste, but I feel like I need the water.

3.) We signed up for Amazon Prime in April because I needed a stroller that the car seat could snap into ASAP.  We thought we'd cancel the free trial, but decided we really liked it.  We use it a lot.  In the eight and a half months we've had it, we've placed 68 orders.  36.8 weeks in 8.5 months - about two orders each week.  CRAZY!  We love it.  I dare you to try it.

4.) These are the best fingernail clippers ever.  Buy them.  You won't be sorry.

5.) Lots of friends posted mobile pics of their sweet babies at Christmas and when I clicked through the pictures some would loop back to older pics from the previous Christmas.  They had gotten so big.  When I think of that being us next year and Oliver being almost two, it makes me want to throw up.  Seriously, time needs to stop.

6.) Nola often throws up yellow stomach bile - I don't know what causes dogs to do this.  Did that gross you out even more than me wanting to throw up because my baby is growing so fast?  I'll stop with the grossness.

7.) Sunkist and Cheezits are great together.  Keebler Giant Fudge Sticks and Ocean Spray Cran-Tan(gerine) are also great together.

8.) I devoured The Secret Life of the American Teenager when Oliver was teeny tiny and wanted to nurse  I am sad Netflix is behind on the seasons.

9.) I spend way too much time on the computer when I should be cleaning up the house.

If you haven't ordered those fingernail clippers, you're missing out.  They are soooo good.  Way better than the Revlon ones at the grocery store.  That link is not an affiliate link or anything, I just really love them.

10.) I talk to my friend Katie just about every day and Chandler thinks we are ridiculous because he doesn't understand.

Off to pick up the junk that is scattered around................ I know your day is much more complete after reading this! :)

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Jill Foley said...

Thanks for the laugh...yours is the second post in a row to mention Amazon Prime. The LAST thing I need to do is buy more stuff, but I'm always looking for good nail clippers.

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