Dec 11, 2011

Christmas Kindness: Days 9, 10 & 11


Disclaimer: Oliver has been so, so sick this weekend... his temp this morning was still 100.4.  He slept ten hours straight last night (from 6pm to 4am, woke up to eat/play for an hour and slept another two hours until 7:20a).  Very unlike him.  He slept two hours at his morning nap and has been asleep for about half an hour already this afternoon.  All that to say, we haven't left the house much so Christmas Kindness has been low key.

Day 9: We had to pick up a few things at Sam's (namely shatterproof Christmas tree balls) and it was around dinner so as we were leaving and packing the car with our things I decided to run back in and grab a snack for the Salvation Army bell ringer. I know, we did this already, but this was a new store and different girl.  I was hoping they had hot chocolate - what is it with places not having that?! - but they didn't so I got her a drink and chips.  I took the healthy route indeed.  Actually, I did get water because I wasn't sure what fountain drink to get so half healthy counts.  Anyway, I said the DUMBEST thing ever.  What I wanted and meant to say was 'I thought you could use a snack.'  What came out was, 'I thought you looked hungry.'  WHAAA?!  OMG as soon as I said it I wanted to slap myself.  'What?  Did you seriously just say that?  Why yes you did.'  Ugh.  I felt awful!  I knew I would just stumble like a fool if I went on so I just stopped, said Merry Christmas and left.  I am such a moron.  Seriously.  Oh well.  I hope she didn't take it the wrong way.  Chandler got a kick out of it.  Who does that?!  Who says that to someone?!  Me.  I do.  But you, please don't.  You're welcome.

Day 10: Another crazy baby-is-sick day.  I told Chan it was up to him to be kind.  He said he dumped all of his money into a bucket.  Hm.  I'm not really sure this counts.  Technically, in my book, it does not.  For participatory purposes however, we're counting it.  

Day 11: Sick baby day again.  I went through my closets and pulled out some things to donate to a shelter.  Good stuff too and not just things that are totally out of style.  I even included a green leather jacket that I used to love from Gap.  That, admittedly, is out of style but I felt like someone could rejuvenate it.  Certainly not me, but someone could.  With a cute scarf, skinny jeans and riding boots - it would look SO cute.  I couldn't pull that look of in the least though.  

I have hopes that next week will be much better than this weekend.  

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