Dec 15, 2011

Christmas Decor 2011

We pulled down our Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving this year since we knew things would get hectic with travel.  Because of how early we put things together, I kept saying 'I'll finish it later.'  Needless to say, it's now December 15th and I didn't finish.  It's not going to happen this year.  
Case in point:
(we never plugged the mantle lights behind the TV)
 We're okay with it that way... our only guests have been my father-in-law and my parents.
Close-up of a few random ornaments in a box:
 This is our first year not having a real tree.  We knew having a ten-month old meant more pine needles to clean up so we bought a pre lit fake tree on sale after Christmas last year.  I. love. it.  Why haven't we done this before now?!  It's amazing.  I do miss going to the tree farms, but I feel like this is a much more eco-friendly option and it's so much easier to keep the floors clean!

 More miscellaneous ornaments scattered.

 Our favorite Christmas display:

(Our Pinterest inspired photo-with-lights didn't go quite as planned... :))


Emily said...

What are you talking about?!?! I LOVE those photos with the lights!!!! Perfect!

My word verification for this is "tater"...LOL.....

Jill Foley said...

I love all these photos - wow! I love "Joy" on the chalkboard. And I love fake trees! just with mine was pre-lit : )

pippasmum said...

Are those jammies Carters? I think I bought the same ones! Your little man looks SO adorable! Makes me impatient to try them on my little guy but we are waiting until Christmas Eve.
Your home looks LOVELY!

GinH said...

Thanks Em I need to try again when he's happier.
Jill, we write something new every month but Joy has been on the board for three months now and it seemed to fit so we'll leave it for a while longer.
Sarah - yes! I got them at Target the other day. They came in a two-pack. He had to have Christmas jammies! Do you have Target up there??

Nellie Dee said...

Wow. Who needs a tree. You've more than made up for it. What do you mean you haven't decorated? I'm impressed. Look out Better Homes and Gardens.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love the dresser with the chalkboard above it- it looks so rustic and awesome!

Miss Charming said...

Such adorable baby photos! (Using the lights was a great idea.)

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