Dec 10, 2011

Sick boy.

We have a sick boy.  A kid coughed in his face on Thursday and lo and behold, the sick started Friday night. Ugh.  I hate when he is sick.  No one got sleep the first night because O just couldn't breath and was up trying to get back to sleep numerous times.  Last night, he went to bed early and I put him in the swing so he was at an angle and all the gunk could drain.  I didn't think things through well though because we don't have a monitor and he usually sleeps beside me - literally - and I didn't want him to have to cry hard enough that I would hear him down the hall with him not feeling well, so I decided to camp out on the floor in his bedroom.

Then it occurred to me that there was a perfectly good bed in his room and it would be much quieter to just hop into that bed instead of making one on the floor.  
That's right.  I slept in the crib.  It was comfy.  And to everyone who says it wasn't getting any use - ha!

Oliver slept here.
We were a cozy pair.  He actually slept the entire night and only stirred once, but not enough for me to even get up.  He's in the swing again tonight, but we're using the one on our bedroom instead.  Poor boy.


Jill Foley said...

Oh poor Oliver! I know how he feels - I'm sick too.

I can't believe you slept in the crib - I want to see a picture of that.

Jennifer said...

Please tell me why Chan didn't get a picture of you in the crib...epic fail Mr. Hatcher...epic FAIL!!!! ha ha ha!!!!! That would have been hilarious!

Side note: feel better sweet baby O!


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