Dec 19, 2011

(P)inspired Pictures

I posted a Pinterest inspired picture of Oliver in lights last week and thought I'd post a few more.  The first two are from the first session we tried originally and the others are from our second attempt when my parents came to town.  I've not edited any so I may be able to get them looking better.  Maybe one day when I have some extra time to play.

We gave him a couple of presents early.  Mainly, his keys.  I found a cute key set at Barnes and Noble after Thanksgiving and scooped it up on sale.  I also ordered him a set of Kleynimals.  They're stainless animal shaped keys that clink like car keys.  He loves them!  I am SO glad because they were a little pricey for what they are.  He shook them for no less than forty-five minutes last night.

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-Gerry Straub