Sep 23, 2009

New bags at Fido

I just added a few new bags to Fido's web shop. Check it out!

Also -- go here!

I'm doing a giveaway! Well, technically, Fido Bags is doing a giveaway, but how much fun is that?! Stop by Shealynn's blog and comment, you could win!!!

Since this bag isn't being sold, Hope Aid won't be getting the customary 25% from it.

That just won't do!

So... I've decided that since it IS a giveaway, I'm donating $16, one dollar more than full price, to Hope Aid towards the Mosquito Net Fund!

Not only will whoever wins the bag GET the bag, but they'll have satisfaction in knowing that a donation was made in their name to Hope Aid. TWO new moms will be protected from malaria!!!


sb said...

You're so sweet. Not only are your bags great, and you're nice enough to do a giveaway, you're being charitable too. I'm so impressed! Thanks for all you do!

Domestic Goddess said...

The newest bags are so cute, LOVE the fabrics!!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm entering your contest on the Benner Daily. Love your bags and the fabrics you choose! I alos love your story about the name Fido Bags. I have a dog who often needs to be held and I've always tought about making a sling myself but thought she was too heavy for it. I guess that idea is wrong since you made one for a 40lb dog. I would really be interested in finding out how you made yours!

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