Sep 15, 2009

Chandler was here!

Things have been so busy that I haven't even blogged about Chan man. He came down for Labor Day holiday and stayed almost a week before heading back to Boston. We had quite the agenda... get his ring, register, pictures, beach save-the-date sand thing, Brownie Bakery... and then there were the other things...
Chan needed new jeans. Which led to new pants... and a new shirt....
We didn't get to half of the things on our list due to reasons which will not be discussed because I'm learning not to hold a grudge. :) So after all the shopping and attempted registering, we needed FOOD. We were sitting at Cubbies and Chan says, "Oh look, I'm famous." Huh? Ok, yeah Chan, you're a big star. "No really, look behind you." Yep... he's famous. First on the left, middle row. That's my Chan. I think sophomore year of high school. We knew there were more reasons to love Cubbies! :) (Thank you chicken-cheese-steak-and-fries.)

After lunch it was deemed necessary that we attempt to check out bedroom furniture - the only real furniture that we need. I have a somewhat ghetto king-sized bed right now that we use when he's here, otherwise it's double. Two people + Bells + Luka + Finley + future-scared-in-the-middle-of-the-night-children leads us to: king sized bed. Hence, we shopped!

The BEST news of all - while he was here, he got a call from Roland the Realtor who said he'd gotten an offer on his house. He talked with dad-who-is-all-knowing, who approved of the contract and...
He ACCEPTED the offer!!! Inspection was last week, Chan-the-fix-it played with some electrical happenings, a real-life electrician will come inspect again, then closing will be October 28th! Can I get a' AMEN!? This was HUGE news. He's losing a lot of money (we knew that would happen, there was no way around it), but he's finally going to be RID of this place. We are ecstatic! There's a little more but since this is blog world, I'll wait til is all said and done. I think we'd be safe since his name has never been on here, but just in case... :)
YAY for now! This is so big!!!

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