Apr 5, 2009

Weekend projects...

This is by far my most favorite quilt I've done yet! (Ok, amongst four...) It's for my friend's little girl, Miley, who is quite possible the cutest baby I've ever seen. I'll have to see if I can get permission to share a photo! Or maybe she'll take one of Miley with her quilt so I can share! She's so cute, you could eat her up!
Vashti's bag - I love these colors! I might have to make one for me from these fabrics! LOVE!
This one... Er! To say I had a fight with this bag would be an understatement. It looks GREAT in the picture but the details, awful! Instead of turning all of the edges over at once (because you know, that's a pain), I did it piece by piece before I put them together. Not cool. So this bag is sorta done. I'm going to order more of this fabric though because it's gorgeous. It also looks really good with the green polka dots.
I have to work three nights this week so I'm on a sewing hiatus for a while! I'm planning to order some more fabric next weekend - can't wait!


brittanywest said...

OMG girl!!!!!!!!!! Look at those mad sewing skills. Who'd thunk it???!!! You are making some AWESOME stuff! I hope one day you will make me one of those flower bags...maybe for my bday... :-)

Debbie said...

So cute. I really love Vashti's bag.

pam said...

What a gorgeous bag!

Kimberly said...

You know that you are going to have a 2nd career on Etsy, don't you? I have a few moments to myself so I am going to visit the fabric store online. :)

Domestic Goddess said...

Holy hibiscus...that fabric is so calling my name! BEAUTIFUL!

GinSpaghetti said...

You girls are too kind!

Jess, 'Holy Hibiscus' LOL seriously?! ROLLING. ON. THE. FLOOR!!!

Abbie H. said...

LOVE them all!

Totally rolling on the floor laughing with you on Jess' holy hibiscus comment! I love that girl!

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