Apr 10, 2009

24,000 Condoms

Did I mention that I am paid to teach safe sex/sex ed? I facilitate a session called VOICES, I'll spare you the acronym. The fun fact about my work is that I get to teach people about condoms. I typically visit substance abuse centers but I also go to random small group meetings and various other places.
VOICES participants are given different types of condoms to promote condom use, so I get to order LOTS of different types of condoms. Did you know there are over 300 different ones? I picked about 24 different types this go-round. We've probably had about 50 or so different ones to give out since starting the program year before last. Each case has 1,000 so we made about 1,000 bags (each bag had one of each kind inside, along with instructions in case they weren't paying attention in class). I have had condom boxes in my office and in the side hallway all week. There are several more cases of them but I have to drop them off at our community drop off sites next week...
I have to get as many people as I can to help me because we set up assembly line style and watch movies in the conference rooms. Typically I try to rent a somewhat relevant movie but this time I didn't have a chance to run by the video store so S brough Marley and Me. Oooh, I cried!!! We all cried. It wasn't as great as I'd hoped it would be, but it was cute. I love Jennifer Aniston! We also had cupcakes, kitkats, and chips. Yum!
I'm SO thankful for everyone that came to help -- my regulars, S and A, then J, E, K, and another J towards the end. Thanks everyone!!


brittanywest said...

girl...sounds like a fun job....making condom goody bags. wish i was closer i would have come out to help. i'm jealous you got to watch marley and me. I want to see it but will probably wait a little while.
by the way, i always get a good laugh at the verification word, this one is gumshed. the other one was ingeri.....so of course i thought of you girl!

Domestic Goddess said...

LOVE the condom pictures, it is just as extensive as I pictured it to be!

I can so see you stuffing condoms in an assembly line and crying to Marley and Me. I balled like a baby in that movie, I agree it wasn't as good as I had hoped but you can't help but cry some serious tears at the end. :(

Elynor said...

Glad we could help!

Abbie H. said...


haha! I love how your life consists of so many condoms and stories!

You should make a wall art of all 300 types of condoms!! You never know-it could be the next best thing to splattered paint on canvas! haha!

GinSpaghetti said...

Abbie, we have totally done that! We made flowers, a caterpiller, a Christmas tree, holiday wreath... umm... I think that might be all. We're going to submit some condom art to our county's reduce, reuse, recycle art contest!!! I'll have to take some pics of the condom art! :D

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