Apr 20, 2009


We had two visitors yesterday. They've stopped by before but were too timid for me to get anywhere near as close as I was allowed yesterday. Aren't they beautiful?! When I worked at the university we'd feed the ducks almost every afternoon. There were also lots of geese but only a few were friendly. Many of the ducks had been around since they hatched so they are very friendly. "My" duck was Pip. He was SO cute! Ok he looked like the others, and he was a little scardy cat... but I still liked him because he was part of the batch that I got to see from egg to duck! There were lots of ducks though that had been there for years from birth/hatch though so we had lots of friendly ones! Is it obvious that I don't know duck terminology? I could google it, but...

I'd like to think these two geese will be friendly but I'm not sure they'll come around often enough to get to know us - but they should because there are at least ten of us that rotate feeding the turtles in the pond. These geese don't know what they might be missing! I might have to buy some cracked corn if I see them again!


Ali said...

Aww they are pretty. They cause problems around here in the suburban areas, those things are always blocking traffic and leaving "presents" everywhere! But it is so cute to see them leading their babies around when the time comes =)

Abbie H. said...

Geese! We use to always have them behind our house when we lived in OK. There was a large pond behind our house. They were friendly until they had their babies-which are too stinkin' cute!

GinSpaghetti said...

C'mon now...presents are always fun! :P

Abs, I think these might be from OK. They always seem to be a little disoriented when they're here!

brittanywest said...

ROFL....from egg to duck

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