Apr 4, 2009

Another new bag...

I'm not especially in love with this fabric, but it's cute. I think these would be $25 b/c it's double the fabric, and work... but I love this style! It's just the right size. I lined the outer fabric with thick interfacing and then left the inside lining as is so it's a nice combo. I could line the inside lining if anyone needed it to be super duper sturdy, but I think the single side of interfacing will do just the trick. On the flip side, I could also leave out any interfacing for a more compact bag. Not sure if anyone is interested but thought I'd put it out there! All profit goes to Hope Aid.


Debbie said...

You must be so very efficient to get so many made. This one is very cute too.

Ali said...

Love it! I will have to try the lining thing with mine...make them a little stronger for heavier groceries! =)

Domestic Goddess said...

Love it. The fabric is cute, a little busy but after looking at it for a few it is really cute, very different, I'm liking it. You are going to make me broke...but then again it's for a good cause so it's all worth it! ;)

GinSpaghetti said...

Thanks girls :)

Ali, there are a few different weights, I got the thicker (if not thickest!).

Jess, you could totally make these you goose!

Abbie H. said...

I'm with the Jess-the fabric is cute and you are doing such a great job!

haha! my word is: strap!

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