Mar 29, 2009

Two VERY cool things!

Thing #1: I will tell you about tomorrow - it's from my friend (NO CLICK YET) Kimberly (NO CLICK YET!)! Ok, I know I linked her name but DON'T click on it yet! It will blow my thing that I'm going to tell you about! See, I did that to test you... do you really like surprises?

Thing #2: I cannot tell you until someone else tells first! Or until I've been given the clear to tell... in which case, I promise to tell! Maybe we'll have a simultaneous 'telling-of-the-thing' and schedule our posts to post at the same time (hey, hint, hint! lol!)

Err, Fresh Prince is still on, I have GOT to go to bed!

Lots of my friends got snow today -- HAPPY SNOW DAY! We got rain... and a tornado! I'm thankful no one was hurt. Good night! (For real this time!)


Abbie H. said...

I totally clicked!! SORRY! haha!

And on Thing #2. I can only imagine that your friend would totally set up a simultaneous 'telling-of-the-thing'.

Jill Foley said...

I'm guessing Abbie is in on Thing I right?!?!

GinSpaghetti said...

Ahh! You clicker you!


(Cute 'Things!')

Abbie H. said...

That Jill-she sure is a smart one!!....i mean....uh, I don't know anything! ;)

your word verification word sounds a bit like a bad word.."nockfust"

Abbie H. said...

Sorry, to go with the Grinch theme, it should have been--

She's a smart one, Mrs. Jill.

GinSpaghetti said...

LOL Abbie is having WAY too much fun with the Grinch Things!

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