Mar 23, 2009

Another bag style

I made this bag tonight - it's obviously bigger and has a bottom. This one was a little easier but a little harder to make. The bias tape I have isn't big enough for the seam so I'll have to run to the store tomorrow to finish it. Not sure how it will turn out once I stitch it on... I made this bag last week but didn't put the bottom on, it was still a nice bag. I made first one out of plain canvas and striped canvas that I picked up at Walmart for $2.00/yard. It was a test run for the pattern. All in all, I like this bag but I'm not sure how functional it will be. The handle is short, but the bag itself is super roomy! I'm going to use it tomorrow and see what I think. So far, I think it would be the perfect car travel bag because it fits books, water, snacks, knitting, and a few knick knacks perfectly! I have already stuffed it full with a few different combinations. I didn't use cardboard in the bottom so that I could toss it in the washing machine if I needed to, and it shows with heavy stuff - but that's okay. I'd rather be able to wash it! I wish I'd put a large pocket in the side for phone, iPod, and other things like that but I can always make another! :)
I doubt I'll make lots of these unless someone just wants the bigger one. It uses a LOT more fabric and the bottom takes a while to perfect so I couldn't promise a 'pretty' bag.... for that reason alone I'd be hesitant to make one for anyone. It's something to work towards though! Just thought I'd share! I was super excited about this one. Mainly because I love this fabric pattern! But... I've used up all of my fabric so... I'll be cutting out interfacing for the rest of the week waiting for my new set of fabric to arrive! There will be some GREAT new prints - I can't wait!!!


~K~ said...

Well when the time comes I would like one; I'm happy to buy the material... My birthday is in May (hint, hint). :)

brittanywest said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!! and the color is great

brittanywest said...

how much???

GinSpaghetti said...

I'll have to work on this one some more to get the bottom perfected! :)

Debbie said...

But it is so cute!

Abbie H. said...

This one is really great too Gin!!! Look at all the great sewing you are doing!

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