Mar 22, 2009

Naughty puppies

Last Sunday, we drove to my sister's house to let the dogs play. D and Ben drove to the Air Force base while Britt and I made organic dog treats. We picked four recipes but stopped after making two of them because there were SO many treats! The recipe I made had applesauce, cinnimon, oat bran, rice flour, some other weird Old Mill flour, egg, and a couple of other things. Britt's had all the flours, bran, peanut butter, coconut, egg, and maybe one or two other things. They were both really good! Bland, but good. The dogs all loved them! I'll have to post the recipes... they were easy and would be great for gifts since they yield so many. I think we counted about 50 for each one. Definitely enough!
She had 7 dogs in the house - ah! I would have been crazy had that been my house, but that's why it's so fun going there - Nola can play with everyone and have a good time being a dog! She LOVES playing with Titan - he's her BESTEST friend ever! She and Roxy don't get along too well. We haven't let her and Molly play because we suspect that neither of them would be good playmates with one another. The puppies had fun but Nola could have cared less that they were around and she hardly even acknowledged them. They are super cute though and at 9 weeks their paws are TWICE the size of hers. I'm totally not kidding. Her back paws are much smaller than her front paws and their "little" puppy paws are three times the size of her back ones. It is SO funny to see them side by side! They are already HALF of her entire 40lbs size at only 9 weeks old! Crazy! It will be fun to see them get bigger. I hope whoever adopts them will send pics so we can see them BIG!
Enough puppy fun for the night - if you're in NC and you're up for a deaf great dane puppy, email me and I'll direct you to the naughty little puppies!

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