Mar 7, 2009

It snowed 5 days ago, today it's 77 degrees.

The last few times it snowed, we either woke up with several inches or it snowed while I was at work, so Nola didn't get outside until there was some accumulation. This past Monday when it snowed (ok, flurried), we were home so she was able to see it coming down.

This is what she thought of it...

I should mention that she did the same thing when she saw rain for the first time. She was born during the year of the big drought (2007) so she was almost one when she saw rain for the first time. It was hilarious watching her chase the drops. Now, she doesn't care for it too much, but she is obviously rather fond of snow!


pam said...

I know, March has some pretty crazy weather. Do you remember when you were a kid - did you do lions and lambs for all the days of March?

Debbie said...

I go through so many changes of clothes in weather like this!

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